Sales of Specialist Cars.

We particularly interested in buying or selling any of the following marques.

Over the years we've built up an International network of contacts and connections which enables us to source and supply or dispose of and sell very many types of Specialist Cars which benefit from manufacturer approved and documented service histories. 

We are content to delegate the service, maintenance or repairs of any Specialist Cars we handle to Manufacturer approved and factory trained workshops. Moreover, we believe that these Specialist Cars can be compromised in value if their service history books do not enjoy the official Manufacturer approved stamps. 

Should you purchase a Specialist Car from us, the likelihood is that it will very recently have been prepared for sale by us in conjunction with a Manufacturer approved workshop and factory trained technician. Accordingly our customers benefit from these established and long standing service arrangements enabling them to call upon us in future years should they require any advice or assistance with their Specialist Car routine servicing or major repairs.