What is the "Service That Never Breaks Down..." ?

Inevitably, when one is dealing predominantly with used vehicles there are mechanical failures which can occur. Even after the most rigorous pre-sale scrutiny by our technicians it is sometime impossible to anticipate every future complaint which may or may not arise no matter how high a standard we prepare and service a vehicle to.

However, in that event our Garage motto is "Service That Never Breaks Down..."

By this motto we mean, even should one of our vehicles be unfortunate enough to suffer a technical fault, our after sales service will be there to support you and it will not break down! We'll almost always be in a position to offer you a temporary replacement vehicle to tide you over. We have our own technicians, tooling and workshops which are capable of dealing with alacrity with almost any problem.



We also have established nationwide 24/7 arrangements with The AA should you encounter difficulties outside of normal business hours or during holiday periods.

Put simply, day or night and whatever the problem we've got you covered with our promise of a "Service That Never Breaks Down!"